This Unfinished Wood "Camille" Afro Puff Cutout is the perfect blank slate to get your creative juices flowing! 

These Afro Puffs make beautiful earring or bracelet accessories, but the sky's the limit on what you can make. They can be painted and glued to the front of books or cards for a 3D effect,  they can be used as cute gift labels or ornaments and much much more!

Each unfinished wood shape is sanded on both sides to make your decoupage and paint projects look brilliant!

The versatility of each Creative Laser Cuts cutouts makes it a GREAT medium for for whatever  your creative mind can think up.

Each CLC cutout is MADE TO ORDER and laser cut from 1/8" wood.

Custom sizes are available.

Unfinished Afro Puffs "CAMILLE" Cutout

  • First Time Orders: $250 minimum order is required for all first time orders.

    Repeat Orders: $150 minimum order is required for all subsequent orders.

    Wholesale Pricing: 30% discount for all retail buyers, if minimum order requirements are met. (please contact for discount code) In some cases, a resale ID number may be requested. Prices are subject to change at any time.